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    Quick Tue Tattoo blog

    This is for my fellow tattoo artist and studio owners:

    I do my best to keep it real. With that said what does this really mean? Is the show only about her real dating interests?

    kat von d twitter tattoo video

    Fuck it, I’m stoked to get tattooed on @PCTattoo today its been too long.

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    this is still on of my fav pics


    this is still on of my fav pics



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    just searched the upper portions of my shoe collection in my closet to find my Christmas chucks to realize I’ve not only never worn them, but they still have never been laced! I’ve def got a shoe prob!! lacing em up and throwing on some clothes. About to go see what greasy fast food place is open for our Christmas lunch/dinner

    starting to seriously miss the internet. finding time to sit at my desktop after being gone so long is HARD. i think all of my members should be able to access bronze member content as long as the are signed up on the blog in addition to their membership. doing my best to update all the biz side of my site, going to attempt to upload a new photo set tonight.

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